Did you know that current estimates indicate Facebook has over 400 million users, with more coming to the social media site every single day? No matter what industry you are targeting, chances are a large number of your market are on Facebook. To maximize your online marketing efforts, you need to find and engage with them where they enjoy spending their time.

Yet, Facebook is not known for its business-friendly practices. The social media giant actually makes it kind of hard for businesses to know how to best succeed. Setting up and running a successful campaign involves a lot of trial and error, and mistakes can be costly, not only in terms of your budget, but also in terms of your online reputation. Here are five steps you can take to improve your chances of succeeding at the Facebook marketing game.

1. Target Ads to the Right Audience

In your marketing efforts, you have probably already identified your ideal customer. Use Facebook ads to target that customer. Using demographic information like age, gender, education, employment, relationship status and even keywords, you can tailor your advertising so that it reaches those people who need what you offer.

2. Engage Your Audience

Facebook is less about marketing and more about social engagement. Use ads to get people to your page, then engage with them. Respond to questions, ask questions that elicit responses and keep your page fresh and new to engage actively with your target audience.

3. Use Great Pictures

People browse Facebook visually, so a strong visual component to your ad and your page is crucial. Look for images that elicit a happy response, such as a smiling woman or playing child. Of course, make sure the image matches your message, but do not post ads without an accompanying image if you want to see great results.

4. Use Facebook Insights to Analyze Your Results

Facebook may not be the ideal marketing platform, but it does offer one of the best analytics tools out there – Facebook Insights. Insights will show you the actual demographics and interests of the people who are clicking on your ad, so you can see if you are effectively reaching your target market or if you need to make changes to your targeting efforts. Analyze your results regularly, and make changes as needed to effectively reach your market audience.

5. Hire a Facebook Marketing Consultant

Even with these tips, Facebook marketing can still seem a bit hard to attain. We offer a Facebook marketing service in Jackson, MS that can make it a little easier. When they need help with small business marketing, Jackson businesses turn to Reztech Media for help. Contact us today for a free analysis of your site, and let our Facebook marketing service help your Jackson, MS business thrive in a competitive online world.

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