Let’s be honest. Search engine optimization is one of the trickiest marketing strategies you’ll attempt. There are very few guaranteed right approaches and many ways to mess it up. By avoiding these common SEO mistakes and getting professional search engine optimization services, your SEO will improve and your conversions will, too.

Choosing Basic Keywords

So, let’s say you have a business that sells handmade wood furniture. It feels like a reasonably niche market in your area, so you decide to go with the keyword of “handmade wood furniture.” Well, a quick Google search returns 12,300,000 results. Good luck getting on to page seven, much less page one. Sometimes adding the state or a metropolitan area helps. For example, searching for “handmade wood furniture Mississippi” brings 724,000 results. It’s much less, but still far too much for a relatively new competitor to the SEO game. These days, search is effective enough that the long-tail keyword is coming back. The term “Where can I buy handmade wood furniture in Mississippi?” has no results at all for a perfect match. Natural language key phrases read far better in your content, and they reflect a changing trend in the kinds of searches users make.

Thinking SEO Works as Quickly as PPC

There are basically two different ways to get your pages toward the top of the Google search for one particular term. You can buy that space through Pay Per Click, a Google service that charges you a certain amount per user click. SEO does not come with an organic cost, but requires you to optimize your site’s design and content to meet Google’s increasingly strict standards and rapidly changing algorithm. With PPC, you bid on certain search words. If you win, your page comes up first. SEO may be free by comparison, but it rarely generates an immediate return. If you are trying to break into a particularly competitive market, it may take some time and persistence to see a significant return on your SEO investment.

Relying Too Much on SEO

Probably the most overstated joke in the SEO field is that the best place to hide a body is on Google’s page two. But it’s true. Even being #2 in the search rankings usually means you are first to lose the race. However, getting your link to the page is only the first part of getting conversions. Just a few years ago, the way to get to the top was to fill your page with keywords and hardly any useful content. Google punishes this now, because users want to go to a site that actually helps them with their questions. You can be in the #1 spot and not getting any more conversions because you rely too much on the SEO getting people to the door, and don’t invest enough into building a site that people want to browse. Alone, neither is sufficient. You must do both.

Because SEO is such a complicated game, many people trying to get started end up hiring a small business marketing consultant to help. With some professional assistance, you can avoid making the common SEO mistakes and start building an asset for your business that works for you to bring in more leads everyday.

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