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We are continuously looking for innovative ways to add value and help our clients establish a solid online presence. In the fast paced world of search engine optimization, agencies like ours have to consistently seek out strategic partnerships to provide the most effective solutions. We are excited to partner with Yext to provide our clients with more consistent and accurate local business listings managed from a single dashboard. We have a listing scan tool that will allow you to see how your business is listed on many of the most popular review and local search sites across the web.

Before PowerListings

Without PowerListings, this business listing is basically undiscoverable.

  • Incorrect business name
  • Inaccurate address
  • Wrong or outdated phone number
  • No business hours
  • No description of the business
  • Only a single, semi-related category

Local Business Lisitngs before PowerListings

Right now, customers who want to find this business won’t — the address is wrong, the name is wrong, the phone number
is wrong, the business does not stand out in search results, and corrections could take hours or weeks, depending on
how often this publisher updates.

After PowerListings

With PowerListings, this business is highly searchable and visible on all the major directories.

  • Correct name
  • Accurate address
  • The right, local phone number
  • Full business hours
  • Detailed description of the business
  • Multiple relevant categories
  • Photographs and videos
  • Featured message / Trackable special offer

Local Business Listings after PowerListings

Most importantly, this exact information is presented the same on every publisher. If you’ve been doing SEO for any length
of time, you know just how valuable consistent, quality citations are.

Power Up Your Local Search Results with PowerListings

Appear in search results when customers are searching for businesses like yours

Business Listing ScanUse our free tool and enter your business name, phone number, and address to view your business listings across the web. With our quick scan, you can access your business information across more than 50 partner sites.

Guaranteed Presence – After the initial setup, Yext technology automatically adds listings and updates vital information like name, address, phone number and website. You can change your information anytime from Yext to correct and update it across its vast network.

Add Rich Location Information To Every Local Search

  • Name, Address, Phone – Identifies your business accurately and is easily updated if anything changes
  • Multiple locations – Update all your listings from one dashboard
  • Website – Send prospects to your website or direct them to a special landing page
  • Email – Stay in touch with potential customers
  • Offers – Promote your business with featured messages or special offers
  • Hours – Display your business hours and update in real-time
  • Photos – Increase your traffic with engaging photos of your comapny
  • Category – Show up in local searches by category
  • Payment Options – Let your customers know how to pay you.
  • Staff Bios – Let your prospects get to know you
  • Products/Services – Show off your products or services
  • Event Calendars – Tell your customers whats happening
  • Menus – Entice potential diners with your menu!
  • Mobile – Allow your business to be found by users on a network of mobile apps

Enhance your listings and stand out from the crowd

Detailed Categories – Yext allows you to add categories to your business listings to increase traffic. 49% of searches are unbranded, which means the searcher is looking for shoes but are not yet looking for a certain brand of shoes. Yext automatically configures your categories to be compatible with the PowerListings Network.

Photos and Video Uploads – PowerListings allow you to add photos and videos to your listing easily to help you stand out. Profiles with photos or videos have seen a significant increase in profile clicks. Listings with videos saw 282% more clicks and updated photos had 248% more.

PowerListings+ Enhanced Content Lists – Make your listing powerful by adding in-store business information like:

  • Product/Service Lists (Show off the products you sell in your store to make the connection between online listing and your brick-and-mortar store – you can even promote specials or coupons. e.g., Bikes, Outdoor Gear, Grills etc.)
  • Event Calendars (e.g. Community Events, Exercise Class Schedule or )
  • Staff Bios (Biography and images of your staff to make your business more personal)
  • Menus (Add your menu with pictures of all your food)

Stay on top of reviews and get customer feedback in real time

    • Review Monitoring – Yext actively monitors all your business listings for reviews and automatically updates your account about new ones. See all reviews ever published, or monitor reviews from the last 24 hours.
    • Precision Search – Yext precision search helps you manage your business by understanding customer wants and needs. This quick search allows your to easily identify the reviews with specific terms or keywords that matter to your business.
    • Email Review Notifications – Know immediately when new reviews are posted by receive=ing an alert email. You can also set the alert by search criteria to send to central marketing teams or to local store managers when necessary.

Track local search performance with full analytics

  • Advanced Reporting – First-ever available tracking platform for all local listings traffic to show impact to views and traffic.
  • Smart Cross-Tab and Filter – See your data in aggregate or break it down by site so you can track the metrics that matter to you.

Get started today and scan your business listings!

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